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Water & Wastewater Department (DPW)




Ken Ellsworth = Town Engineer




Mailing Address:


P.O. Box 2019
5410 State Route 42
South Fallsburg, N. Y. 12779


Phone Number: (845) 434-6320


Fax Number: (845) 434-7972




Paige Bakken - Secretary




Environmental Lab Director: Chet William’s, Jr.






The Water Division is responsible for 22 wells, 11 water storage tanks and over 50 miles of distribution piping which provides the residents of the town with a safe, secure and plentiful supply of potable water for consumption and fire protection.


There are three Wastewater Treatment Facilities within the town. The 3.2 MGD W.H.O - S. F. Plant, the 0.7 MGD Loch Sheldrake - Browns - New Hope Plant, & the 0.18 MGD Mountaindale Plant. Dennis Freiermuth is the Chief Operator and he ensures the proper operation and maintenance of the plants along with the environmental protection of the rivers, streams & lakes in the town. The Sanitary Sewer Collection Systems are under the direction of Randy Jones. The Collections Systems are made up of 25 pumping stations of various types and sizes, over 30 miles of piping, manholes & other components necessary to move wastewater from homes to the treatment plants.


Work Permits - Any work pertaining to water & wastewater service installation or repair requires a permit. Permits may be obtained from the DPW office.




2018 AWQR DAVOS Report



2018 AWQR WHO Report



2018 AWQR Mountaindale Report


2018 AWQR Village of Woodridge Report




























Town of Fallsburg, N.Y. (845) 434-8810